Carolina Vélez Muñiz is a creator from Mexico City.
She processes her surroundings, family histories, traditions, and experiences through bright and symbolic imagery. She plays with what scares her.

Carolina holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she specialized in painting and weaving.

BEMBA PR is a project based in Puerto Rico
that focuses on the world of politics through art.

The collective uses creativity as an instrument to take action. Their work can be perceived as a social experiment through self-management and civic autonomy and whose objective is to influence social dynamics in the public space through art and community action.

James and Karla Murray are husband-and-wife architectural and interior photographers and multi-media artists based in New York City.

For the past twenty-five years they have focused their lens on the streetscape through portraits of storefronts and shop owners and have strived to capture moments of city life that often go undocumented but capture the spirit, energy and cultural diversity of individual neighborhoods.